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Garage Door Motor Installation: Info on Options and Costs

Many homeowners today see garage door openers as a necessity. Of course, it has lots of benefits to offer them. The convenience of having a good garage door opener is the biggest reason why a lot of homeowners invest considerable amounts of money for it. One thing is very apparent though. No matter how pricey or tough a garage door system is; time will come when its motor will get worn out.

Repairing it is an option but most of the time, buying and installing a new garage door opener system would be the best decision. A garage door opener system replacement is often being equated with motor replacement. Motors usually come in types such as belt, chain, and screw-driven.  With this on the table, many people would ask about the aspect of garage door motor installation costs.

While there are standard rates being followed by companies that offer garage door services in California today; the cost of installation could vary. This is due to the fact that garage motor units also come in different variations. So, to be able to determine the costs of garage door motor installation, it is good to examine first the factors related to whole system selection.

A reliable industry entity has recently reported that a homeowner would have spent an average of $358 for such installation services. There are reports of a few people spending as much as $700 for it. Minimum reported amount of spending has been seen at about $100. With these figures presented, it really becomes a necessity for homeowners to explore factors affecting what they might need to spend when it comes to garage door motor installation services.

If the factor of noise from the unit will be considered, the best option is to go for belt-driven units. These are different from the chain-driven units in the sense that it is the quietest one when operating. This is a good option for those who are in quiet neighborhoods. With this advantage, the homeowner should take note of the fact that such units are costlier.

The price aspect of each unit could be a factor for the total cost of installations too. Hired garage door motor installation companies always carry product lines and they would recommend chain-driven systems. The cost is low but of course, it is quite noisy when being operated. It is good for those who are in commercial districts.

Maintenance requirement is another factor to consider. Motor components of current garage door openers need to be regularly maintained so that it wouldn’t break down easily. However, it can’t be helped that a homeowner will be too busy to mind this. If less maintenance is desired, screw-driven openers will be the best option. The good news is that in terms of price, it is not that expensive.

Garage door opener/motor installations could be a costly thing. However, by knowing about the things discussed above, a homeowner could find ways to lower his or her expenses. Of course, it is a good idea to find an garage door motor installation company that will offer help regarding it.